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10 Erogenous Points On Your Girl That You Don't Know About

The erogenous zones are areas of the body that elicit sexual arousal when stimulated. While the obvious areas for sexual arousal are the genitals, there are other areas of your lover's body that you can explore to make her stimulus complete. You can encourage each other to gently explore these places, or try to discover new ones, as each person is different. These are the most common erogenous zones for women, but as each woman is unique, so will be her responses.

Women are aroused in a different way than men. Commonly (and wrongfully) referred to as the G spots, there are approximately 10 common points, or zones on a women's body that can cause stimulation and arousal. These places and techniques are best used during foreplay, because the need for arousal before intercourse is necessary for women. They need to be wet for penetration, and it's better if they are hot too. This way you will both enjoy your experience together.

I give you a journey through the female erogenous zones.

The inner thighs are very sensitive, so don't bite here. A gentle stroking motion will arouse the nerve endings and cause her to become wet. This must be done gently if you're expecting it to work. The harder you rub, the more like a massage and less like foreplay it will feel. Because of the amount of nerve endings in the inner thigh, too much pressure or any pinching other than a light tweak can really hurt. Take your time and move slowly in this area.

The back of the knee is an erogenous zone as well. As with the inner thighs, the area has nerve endings, and too much over stimulation can cause pain, or feel too much like tickling and may spoil the mood. Light, playful, and soft are the keywords here. Too much tickling and no matter how much she starts out giggling, you may find you turn gentle stimulation into annoyance. If she becomes annoyed, your evening of foreplay is probably over.

Her ass is next. A mild spanking and squeezing is an erotic stimulus. Bondage fetishists know all about good spanking techniques. One of the best is to have her lay across your lap while you insert on finger under her vagina and onto her clitoris. As you spank--lightly at first--rub her clit after each pat. The alternating sensations of pain and pleasure are a real turn on for some women. This takes some practice due to the need to alternate pain and pleasure, and you don't want a lot of pain here. She may not be into it, so don't push, but if you can get her to try it, you'll probably be making spanking a regular part of her foreplay wishes.

How many times have you nibbled on the back of her neck? It's pretty arousing for both of you, isn't it? Experiment with her entire neck; even the collarbone is very sensitive. Try blowing lightly or licking with the tip of your tongue. Lift her hair and give it a gentle tug as you bite her lightly. If you plan on a foreplay massage, this is the place to start. Lubricants feel especially good on the neck, and some taste great, so a little shopping expedition to your local adult toy store might be in order.

Women don't often like to have their ears blown in. The ear is full of nerve endings and can be extremely sensitive to nibbling, sucking, tugging and kissing, but blowing in their ears is a real turn off. Whispering something erotic about how they look or smell can be very hot, though. In fact, whispering very, very softly and closely can be a huge turn on in itself!

Women are really weird about their feet.

At the other end of the body, a woman's feet are particularly sensitive, but can also get you into hot water if she doesn't like having them touched. If she gets regular pedicures and foot massages, you're probably okay to go, but check out the situation in a totally non sexual venue first. Maybe offering to give her a foot massage when you are lying together on the couch watching a movie. Her reaction will tell you instantly whether she is self conscious about her feet or okay with them. Don't try arguing to coaxing her into changing her mind, either, as this is one argument you will not win.

The female wrists are another (and rather surprising) erogenous zone you might want to check out. Far from the possibility of a bad smell or too much tickling, this is a really safe place to start, even during the date. Caressing the inside of the wrist next to the pulse is very effective. You will also go a long way in impressing her, as most women, let alone men, don't know that this erogenous zone exists.

It may sound obvious, but if you go for her breasts in the wrong way, you'll be sleeping alone tonight. The nerve endings you are looking for here are at the very end of the nipples. Squeeze gently, caress, lick, suck, and gently nibble. Never grab a handful and squeeze. This is juvenile and it hurts. The best approach is to ask her what she likes.

Which brings us to other obvious places, the vagina and the clitoris

You probably know how to stimulate these already, but there is a lot of good information out there, and everyone can benefit from a good "how to" manual. For starters, try checking out a copy of the Kama Sutra to go over with your lover some night. The tantric positions and advice are invaluable, and it can be a fun read for both of you. Try getting into some of those positions!

The sexual organ that benefits the most from stimulus is not the vagina, the clitoris, or the elusive G spot. It is the lips. A good kisser can cause their girl to almost achieve orgasm, and get them hot and ready for a long night of lovemaking. This is also one of the best areas to practice on. Kiss her every chance you get, and let your passion show through.

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