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How To Give An Erotic Massage

Contrary to popular belief, not all massages are erotic. The massage that you offer to give your partner as a precursor to sex is quite different from a professional sports or deep tissue massage. If it wasn't, massage therapists would not be so numerous, and you could swing a dead cat without hitting one. Professional massages are intended to repair damage done to stiff and atrophied muscles and typically hurt the recipient to at least some degree, at least at first. Erotic massages are intended to stimulate nerve endings, relax the recipient, and cause pleasure that leaves you wanting more skin-to-skin contact, if you know what I mean.

An erotic massage is mean to tantalize, so you want to get near the erogenous zones of his or her body without actually touching them. This can cause them to go crazy with pleasure before you even get down to business. Erotic massages are often precursors to first time sex, so we will go over the best way to give them.

Feels like the first time

You've just returned from a date, and she's willing to come in for a nightcap. You're sitting on the couch with her, and after a while you mention that she looks tired. You offer to rub her neck. Watch for signals. If she smiles and takes off her coat, you're there. (This works with guys, too, but for the sake of simplicity we will have the guy giving the massage.)

Don't have her turn away from you while sitting beside you on the couch, this just isn't comfortable and she will be done with the massage before you are half way through. Have her sit on the floor in front of you instead, between your legs. Hopefully you've set some oil or lotion by the couch in anticipation for the moment. Use a little to moisten your hands, never pour it straight onto her shoulders and back, it's cold. Pour a little in your hands and rub them together until your palms are warm. Then start at the back of her neck and move in little circles around the base of her skull and onto the shoulders. Take your time; let her know with your fingers that you are willing to do this as long as she wants. (The oil will help keep your fingers from getting stiff.)

Instead of moving down her back, spend sometime on her earlobes, if she likes that. They are full of nerve endings, but some women don't like it because it over stimulates them too quickly and it's a control thing. Rub her temples gently in small, circular motions, leaving some pressure for last. Draw your fingertips down the side of her head with a little more pressure as this is very relaxing.

Moving right along

In the event that things are going really well, suggest that she take off her shirt and you move into the bedroom. Once in there, have her lay on her tummy and massage her back, moving mostly around her side. Ask her if it feels good, or if she wants anything specific; this gives her the control, and that's a good thing to have if a guy is sitting on your back. Have her roll over onto her back and start at her clavicle--the collar bone--which is a very sensitive and potentially erotic area for most women and men.

With smaller circular motions, move down to her breasts. Here's where it can get tricky. If she's uncomfortable, she will inadvertently freeze up. If this happens, move back to the shoulders. If she doesn't, circle the nipples and squeeze gently. Don't put too much pressure on the fatty part of the breast, it can hurt. Always be light and gentle with an erotic massage. You can lean in and lightly kiss her breasts, if it seems appropriate.

Once all of the clothes are off, massage her inner thighs. Again, you need to keep it light. There are thousands of nerve endings in the thigh area, and if you gently squeeze and rub, she should start to get wet. To really step up the erotica, stop when she's excited and have her roll over onto her tummy again. Use more oil, and rub her butt in a large, pushing circular motion. Squeezing her cheeks together and letting the oil get near her anus. She's probably moaning a little by now, but stop and move down to her feet.

A word about the feet

This can be a touchy area for women. If she's weird about having her feet touched, she'll freeze up again. Stop and go back to the breasts or tummy. If it's okay, pick up one foot and hold it in front of you while you use the balls of your thumb to massage the sole of the foot. There are tons of nerve endings here as well. The backs of the knees are an erogenous zone, and one left largely untouched. Surprise her with your knowledge, and run your palm flat across the back of the knee, pressing and pushing in light, gentle strokes.

Of course, the most sensitive erogenous area for both men and women is the genital area. Cup your hand over the entire area, from the top of the pubic hair past the vagina, and massage with harder, pushing strokes. You can probably go harder in this area than on any other part of the body, and she's most likely shaking and dripping by now. (If you're a woman massaging a guy, do the same thing, cupping as much of the cock and ball area as you can and just holding him. The lack of movement will drive him crazy with anticipation.)

You can most likely figure out for yourself where to go from here, but an erotic massage is a great way to break the ice and get to know each other's likes, dislikes, and your bodies. Remember to take it slow, communicate, experiment, and most of all, have fun.

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