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How To Find Her G Spot

Women are so much more complicated than men, aren't they? You have to know what she's thinking, respond appropriately, and know that her mind could change at any minute on any given subject (and you had better agree with them all.) As the saying goes, "Happy wife, happy life." If all of this wasn't confusing enough, she can have multiple orgasms through three different stimuli, and you get to have--one.

You've probably given her an orgasm through vaginal or clitoral stimulation, the kind that leave her panting, moaning, and giggling, but try the G spot orgasm. Read through and find out what it is, where it is, and how to stimulate the one place that can put her through the roof.

What the heck is the G spot?

First of all, it's not really a spot. It's an area, which implies that it's larger than a spot and therefore not so elusive. The name comes from Dr. Grafenberg, who first wrote about finding and exploring this area of female sexuality in the fifties. The name is commonly (but erroneously) used to define other areas easily sexually stimulated--behind the knee, at the elbow joints, the back of her neck and even earlobes (whether it's true or not).

The original G spot, however, is located inside the vaginal wall, about two to three inches in, on the top wall of the vaginal canal just below the navel. The most important thing in locating the G spot is that your girl has to be already stimulated for you to find it; the G spot will swell and feel like a ridged sponge, but only if she's already hot. It is common for a women to climax and cum during the clitoral or vaginal orgasms before you even find her G spot. Cumming that hard can be exhausting and in some cases intimidating, so often she isn't ready to move onto g spot stimulation just after another type of orgasm. But if you can get her to remain relaxed, this is often sex at its peak.

A vaginal orgasm is triggered by an increase in pressure and motion from within the vaginal wall.

This comes from the deep, penetrating of the head of your cock and outside stimuli such as licking and biting her nipples. A clitoral orgasm is achieved through stimulating just the clit itself, usually with your tongue or the tip of your cock against the little "button" area of the clit. The difference between these and a G spot orgasm is that you are taking control of the area that has the women's prostrate gland and ducts in it. Again, the elusive little area won't show itself unless she is already hot.

The best techniques for hitting the G spot

First of all, you both need to relax and not get caught up in the idea that your mission is to hit the G spot. Sex should be fun; if you go into it with a goal and miss the mark, you might not have as much fun or may start to feel inadequate, and that's not what sex is about. Like most of life, sex is about the journey, not the destination! Start with the usual licking, blowing, pinching, and tonguing that you use as part of your foreplay. If you want to get her unusually stimulated--and this is a good idea for finding the g spot, introduce new sex toys into the mix along with edible or nice smelling lubricants.

Because the g spot is more like a muscle than anything else, it will strengthen and become easier to use with time. Orgasms through the g spot takes lots of practice, so if you need to get together a lot to practice, so much the better! I can't think of any better area of your life to practice getting good at.

At first she might not respond, and may even freeze up when you go exploring for her G spot, and may even move your hand away. This is because often when women are first aroused, they feel as if they need to urinate, causing them to feel self conscious. Most women can't become hot and wet if they are constantly thinking about what would happen if they pee'd themselves! This is a result of the G spot being located near the bladder, and can be alleviated by making sure she uses the bathroom before you get started.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

Far from the missionary position, the best way to find the G spot is to be in a position that allows for easy access and being comfortable. We're not talking weird (yet effective) Kama Sutra positions here, just simply something like having her lean back in an overstuffed chair with you kneeling in front of her. This allows access to her with your fingers and your tongue, and is one of the most comfortable positions for both of you (unless you are on a hard wood floor, it that's the case, get a pillow for your knees!) Another good position is having her lie on her tummy with her hips elevated by a pillow. The floor is better than the bed for this position.

Insert one or two fingers into her wet pussy, making sure that she's slick and comfortable. Nothing's worse than trying to dry finger someone into orgasm, unless they like it rough. Use your tongue to get her lubricated, baby. Firmly press along the wall of her vagina, drawing your fingers back toward your palm as you move further and further in. Feel for the area with the consistency of swollen ridges, much like the feeling when you run your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Continue pressing, rubbing, and making a motion with your finger like you want someone to come over from across the room. At the same time you can start clit stimulation, or she might want to do this herself, which is even better because as she starts to feel the G spot stimulation, she can add or release pressure from her clit in order to feel the best part of the combination orgasm.

Take your time, be ready to practice often, and take it easy. Make sure the area you are using is clean and that you have both emptied your bladders before beginning. Alcohol can deaden the effect of a G spot orgasm because it is a relaxant, and that means the muscles in the vaginal wall will be relaxed as well. Too much alcohol and they will go to sleep. Try not to be self conscious or have expectations, and you'll do just fine.

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