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How To Spice Up Foreplay

A typical question is "how long should foreplay last?" Well, if you're timing it, stop now and just opt for masturbation, because your partner is going to be able to tell that you are bored. Foreplay should last as long as it needs to. The better question would be "when should foreplay begin?" because the answer to that is, as soon as the two of you are together. There is more to foreplay than nibbling on her nipples for a few minutes while you finger her, and then calling it foreplay, and for the guys who insist that foreplay should last only until you're hard and she's wet, shame on you.

Foreplay is important to the sense of closeness that the two of you feel when you're together and getting ready to do it. Long lasting foreplay builds up to the moment and allows the two of you to explore each other's bodies in ways that you normally could not while out on a date. The little nibble that she gives you on the ear during the movie is a form of foreplay, so don't be so quick to dismiss it as part of the bedroom scene only used as an immediate precursor to sex. And ladies, the more foreplay you give a guy, the hotter he becomes, and if you're giving him head, this is important to know so that you don't need to lock your jaw trying to get him off for half an hour orally. Get him hot in other ways first so that when you finally do go down on him, you won't have to work so hard.

Another form of foreplay that is guaranteed to get you both hot is masturbating in front of each other. The interesting fact here is that women, who are usually quite self conscious when it comes to their bodies, are more likely to be okay with touching themselves in front of their man than guys are with jerking off in front of their girl. The easy way around this? Dim the lights and lay back with your eyes closed. You might love watching her watch you, and women who enjoy masturbating in front of their men also like to watch their reaction. Mutual masturbation is very hot and an excellent form of foreplay.

Watch the movie "Nine and a Half Weeks" with Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. This 1986 erotic romance movie put using food as foreplay on the map. They used honey and strawberries, but you can use your imagination and blindfold each other for exotic tastes and textures. The ice cube scene is especially hot. (Safety break: make sure neither one of you are allergic to any of the foods you want to use!) This can be done in any room of the house; the bathtub is one good option, because using food for foreplay can get messy, and if you're a bad boy you'll need a bath! A food that wasn't around in 1986 was the liquid chocolate that hardens when it touches the food. It's meant to become a hard shell over ice cream, but it's a mind blower for foreplay use.

For sex toys in the use of foreplay, talk first and go easy; whipping out the anal beads might not be the best idea. Try going for liquids and lotions and edible panties first, those old tried and true standbys before you go further into the exotic. Furry handcuffs, nipple clamps, leather and light bondage equipment are available at the sex toy stores but make sure you know what you are doing. A good starter sex toy is the bigger dildoes or the vibrating jack rabbit dildo; it feels great and is guaranteed to make you cum at least once watching your girl use it.

Erotic massages are a great form of foreplay, but again, only if you know what you are doing. This is no time for a deep tissue sports massage. While those are intended to get out the knots in your back, shoulders, and calves, an erotic massage is more about touch and scent, so go lightly and caress each other using scented oils and edible lotions. Licking the back of the neck or nibbling on the guys ears, or running you tongue along the clavicle (shoulder bone) is much more erotic and sensual than a painful, deep tissue massage. There is a time and place for that, but not in foreplay.

Sexy lingerie is another form of foreplay. In fact, even shopping for it together can be the beginning of an incredible night. Pick out some stuff that she would normally not wear, and ladies, have fun with this. Women come in all sizes and shapes, and so does lingerie. You can even get some sexy panties for your guy. The new tight colored boxer briefs are very sexy, and if you want to go for the exotic, there are thongs for guys with a zipper in the front. Very sexy! If you are feeling a little self-conscious about shopping in the stores, you can always go online and look at lingerie together - this can be a real turn on as well as an eye-opener as to what she likes (and doesn't!). The only drawback to this is the impatience factor. You don't know for sure that it will fit and you have to wait for it to be delivered.

As was said before, foreplay can begin as early as you want it to. Give her head right out of the shower before she leaves for work, and promise that there's more where that came from when she gets home, and then call her at lunch to remind her. This is a hot form of foreplay that will keep her wondering all day what the night will be like, and you'll be a hero for going to that length. Set up the bedroom--or whatever room you want to use--before she comes home and don't be disappointed if she wants to shower and change before you get to it. Work with it, and run her a bath or set out the new lingerie you bought this afternoon. A little voice foreplay during the day will mean less physical foreplay at night.

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