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Men's Erogenous Zones

Even though there are times when going straight for his zipper is what he'll want from you, every woman should know how to vary her arsenal of erotic maneuvers. There are at least 10 erogenous zones on a man's body, the strength of which will vary depending on your man's preferences. But take the time to explore these regions and you'll soon find exactly what will drive him wild. Since you wouldn't find your exploration in some of these areas pleasant unless they were nice and clean, try spoiling him one night with a luxurious bath before drying him off and moving to the bedroom. Tell him to lie back and relax then begin your tour of his erogenous zones.

The object here is to be playful and surprising, but at the same time to be sure that you pay close attention to the signals that he gives you. If he's a talker, it won't be hard to know what he wants you to do more of. But if he's not, listen for changes in his breathing, watch his face when you can and pay attention to his body movements for clues as to what is working and what you might want to pass by.

1 - Lips

Kissing is a wonderful form of communication between two people. From tenderness to savage desire, you can let your lover know how you are feeling with the way that you kiss him. The lips are an incredibly sensitive area of the body, which you can tease with all manner of delights. Kiss with varying pressure, from the lightest of feathery brushes to the intensity of highest desire. Try kissing and nibbling on each lip individually, taking your time. You might even bite his lower lip - but start gently - you don't want to cause pain unless you know that's what he likes. Run the very tip of your tongue along his lips, dipping it into his mouth if you want, but pulling away if he tries to respond. You could also bring some other stimulants into the bedroom for his lips. Try taking a piece of ice in your mouth and running it along his lips before popping it into his mouth and following it with your tongue. Kissing while the ice slowly melts between your tongues provides a unique sensation. Or dab some chocolate or whipped cream on his mouth, then make it your job to suck it all off.

2 - Hair and Head

You know what it feels like to have someone stroke your hair or massage your scalp - the relaxing, wonderful sensation. So take the time to do the same for him. Vary the sensation by using your palm to smooth the hair away from his forehead and back over his scalp, then take your fingertips and start gently massaging his head from the forehead down. Concentrate a moment or two at the base of the skull. Then use your fingernails to lightly scratch his scalp all over. Try combining these tactics with some attention to his neck and ears as well.

3 - Neck and Ears

While it's not for everyone, some men will absolutely love the attention that you pay to their ears and earlobes. Use the index finger and thumb of each hand and apply gently pressure along the outer rim of each ear. This is actually an acupressure technique that stimulates the thousands of nerve endings in the ears. Apply the same pressure to the earlobes. Then follow with your mouth and tongue, even nibbling some as well. You'll know from his reaction what to continue doing. The neck, especially the area behind the ears and below the ears, is incredibly sensitive and can be stimulated with licking and gentle sucking. But be careful - hickeys aren't what you're after. Use the tip of your tongue in a point to press along the neck. Then follow by blowing lightly over the area you just licked. The cool sensation will be a nice contrast to your hot breath as you move your mouth around his neck.

4 - Chest and Nipples

Moving downwards, you can pay attention to virtually any area of his torso. Surprise him with a series of licks, kisses, sucks and even light bites on his chest, sides and nipples. For some men, the nipples are a highly sensitive area that should be nibbled and sucked extensively. For others, too much attention could even be annoying. Be sure you're paying attention to his body movements or noises and you'll learn quickly how much nipple play your man wants. Running your fingernails in light circular movements across his chest will feel great. And if he's a hairy-chested man, try gently tugging on his chest hair as you lick a nipple and see what kind of reaction you get. You don't have to limit your teasing attention to his chest though - try slowly moving down his body and licking and nibbling on his abdomen. He'll anticipate that you're moving lower and will certainly begin quivering with delight.

5 - Fingers

The hands and fingers have an enormous amount of nerve endings in them and so are incredibly sensitive to any touch. Open his palm and run your finger nails across it lightly. Then press your tongue into his palm and circle it slowly and firmly and nibble and bite the palm and side of the hand before moving to the fingers. Licking and sucking his fingers will, of course, have him imagining that you're doing the same to his cock. So be expressive here in order to give him a good show. Run your tongue up one finger to the tip, then take just the tip of the finger into your mouth and suck on it. Rub the flat of your tongue up and down the pad of his finger, creating a bit of friction. Then take his finger into your mouth, moving your head up and down as you suck on it. If you're able, take another finger in your mouth as well. But don't do this too long - just long enough to give him a preview.

6 - Inner Thighs

Just as you would enjoy a bit of teasing along your inner thighs, a man can get the same pleasure. In fact, from behind the knees to the groin, the entire area is incredibly sensitive. Light massage, light scratches and even one long lick from knee to groin are all options here. Be creative and change your technique as you go along. He'll be driven nuts by wondering whether or not you're going to move to giving him oral sex as you drag out his anticipation.

7 - Glans Head

Once you're focusing on the "main event," the glans head should be the star of the show. It is the mushroom, purplish "head" of the penis, where the highest concentration of nerve endings is. The underside of the penis, at the base of the head, is the most intense area of concentration of those nerves. You'll notice the large vein that protrudes slightly there. Try running your tongue up and down the vein or flicking your tongue back and forth across it right where it meets the head.

8 - Scrotum

Many women neglect the scrotum, the sack of skin that holds the balls, when they are giving their man oral pleasure. But if this is new territory for you, use caution. The scrotum is incredibly sensitive to pain and pleasure. While light fondling will be welcome, too much pressure will cause great discomfort. Ease your man's mind by showing him that you understand this. Move gently down there. Try licking the balls, and if you can manage it, blow his mind by taking one or both of them in your mouth and then hum.

9 - Perineum

Also referred to as the "bridge of sighs," this is the 'ridge' of skin between the scrotum and the anus. It can add a new level of pleasure to your oral attentions if you run your moistened or lubricated finger along it, pressing gently, or if you lick it as a slight detour from the cock or balls. If he's about to come, pressing here can intensify the orgasm for some men.

10 - Anus

Some men are fully aware of the pleasure that they can derive from having their anus played with, but others will be too uncomfortable with the idea. The fact is that the man's prostrate gland, located about 2 inches inside the anus, is similar to the woman's g-spot in the amount of pleasure it can provide. But if your man clenches up the minute you go anywhere near there, start by massaging and squeezing his butt cheeks. Then work on the perineum and slowly move back from there. You can use your tongue around the anal opening or your some well-lubricated fingers to bring your man's orgasm to new heights.

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