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How to Be Her Best Lover Ever
by John Alexander

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Our review:

John Alexander's new e-book, How to Be Her Best Lover Ever, promises no less than to transform you into a "sex god" step-by-step, so we were more than interested in grabbing a copy for review. The author has also written another book called How to Become an Alpha Male, which teaches men how to seduce women. Thus, he is a true authority on the topic.

Reading the book was a pleasant surprise. Out of the many sex books and guides we have read and reviewed, John Alexander's is one of the best. You get 82 pages of practical, easy-to-read and down-to-earth advice with no fluff or useless information.

What we found inside -

  • Many authors discuss various sex techniques and tips, but they forget to talk about the most important thing - the mindset. How to Be Her Best Lover Ever devotes a whole section to developing the killer mindset. By following John's tips, you can get rid of performance anxiety and enjoy bigger and better orgasms.
  • Did you know that kissing is a crucial part of every relationship? Many women consider kissing more important than sex itself. How to Be Her Best Lover Ever has a separate chapter with kissing tips and techniques that will open the eyes of newbies - and will even help more experienced lovers become better kissers.
  • You also get practical tips on how to receive the best oral sex and how to get your girlfriend to swallow. Plus there's a list of foods in the book that will make your semen taste good. Eating is more important than you think - there's an entire section on boosting your sex drive and getting rock-hard erections by choosing the foods you eat more carefully.
  • Ever consider using aphrodisiacs? Their effectiveness has been a topic of controversy for a long, long time. John has a list of six great aphrodisiacs that really DO work - we've already tried some of them with great success.
  • Knowing a woman's anatomy is one of the key points of becoming a good lover. How to Be Her Best Lover Ever tells you where and how to touch a woman and also gives you tips for giving the best oral and hand job to your girl. You even get tongue exercises to prepare yourself properly. Tips on G-spot location, various sexual positions and techniques for lasting longer are included as well.

Of course, this is just a quick glimpse, and there is a lot more to the book than we could possibly cover in a few paragraphs. It's packed with valuable information for both beginners and more experienced lovers, and overall, we were very satisfied with How to Be Her Best Lover Ever.

We give the book 5 stars out of 5 and SexGooroo's seal of approval.


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How to be her best lover ever

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