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For Women: How to Get Your First Real Orgasm

"If you are a woman who is not sure that she has ever had a real orgasm or who can't seem to have them very often, then be assured that you are not alone. The good news is that you can learn how to enjoy a wonderful orgasm by yourself or with a partner every time you engage in sexual activity..." More

Top 10 Mistakes Women Make In Bed

"After conducting a poll at a local college and sex positive workshop, here are the top ten mistakes women--and men--feel that women make in the bedroom..." More

The Top 20 Sex Positions

"One of the things that can make a good lover great is the willingness to explore new positions. Here are 20 of the best positions for you to master, some of which you may have tried and some of which you probably haven't..." More

The Top 30 Extreme Places To Have Sex At

"We'd like to offer up some options for the most extreme places to have sex as a result of a poll taken on a local university campus..." More

Make Your Own Porn Movie At Home!

"You and your girl have been renting porn movies in order to spice up your sex life for a while now. Now you've decided that you want to try it yourself. Making home porn movies can be fun..." More

10 Great Sex Games To Play

"The fact is, spicing up your sex life is not only easy once you've recognized the need, but it can also be a hell of a lot of fun. The only limits to your enjoyment are your imagination and your comfort levels..." More


"As long as man has been aware of the powers of certain foods and herbs to alter or enhance the body's mood or function, he has searched for those substances that will lead to heightened sexual desire or performance..." More

Phone Sex

"Phone sex has come a long way from the time of the anonymous heavy breather prank call. It can happen between two complete strangers or as a way for two long time lovers to heat up their love life..." More

Talking Dirty During Sex

"While a big part of sex is touch, taste, smell, and looking at each other's bodies, all too often we forget that sound can make sex go from really good to outright orgasmic, probably due to an old taboo about talking during sex..." More

A Cool Game To Play With Your Lover

"There is a wonderful game for spicing up your long-term or fuck-buddy relationships. Here's how you play..." More

Why Should You Talk about Sex?

"If you want your sex life and your relationship to be all that they can be, then you need to find a way to talk about and concerns or desires that you have in relation to your sex life..." More

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