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The Top 20 Sex Positions

One of the things that can make a good lover great is the willingness to explore new positions. It's an easy way to spice up the routine you might normally have and surprise your partner into ecstasy. Plus, varying positions means that you're changing who's doing the work and who's in charge. This exchange of power and activity can make for longer, more intense and exciting love sessions as well. Here are 20 of the best positions for you to master, some of which you may have tried and some of which you probably haven't. Take note of a few of them to throw in to the mix the next time you have sex and watch your partner's eyes grow wide with pleasure.

1 through 4 - Missionary with Twists - The most traditional position is the missionary one, with the man lying on top of the woman, her legs spread and him between them. He thrusts in and out while the woman remains stationary or moves her pelvis to meet his. Although it may seem a bit boring, this position is a tried and true favorite for a reason - it allows intimate kissing and nibbling during the act. But you can spice it up easily - add a few pillows under the woman's ass. This tilts her pelvis in a way that provides easier access to the g spot. Or, have her lift her legs and wrap them around you. This will spread her wider so that you can penetrate more deeply. Or, try moving your body up on hers slightly once you've entered her. This way you're likely to rub her clitoris with the shaft of the penis as you ride her.

5 - Doggy Style - some women might be hesitant to try this position at first because it's a bit more taboo than others. But once she tries it, the g spot stimulation can be so strong that she'll certainly be more willing to assume the position in the future. Especially if you lift one of her legs slightly so your balls slap against her or if you reach around and rub her clit with your fingers while you rock in and out of her. Some women will appreciate some slaps on the ass in this position too - but be sure you test the water there before getting to hard.

6 - Spooning - This position is great for women who want you to be affectionate with them. You can run your hands all over her body and kiss her neck and ears while you grind into her slowly from behind. Have her lie on one side with her back to you and lie behind her on your side so that you enter her from behind. The head to toe touching can provide a wonderful sense of intimacy. Experiment with having her lift one leg and then closing them around your shaft for a super tight fit.

7 - The Saddle - The man sits on the bed or floor, supporting his weight on his stretched out arms behind him. The woman faces and straddles him, resting her weight on his lap and on her knees. Here, the woman is in control of the speed and depth of the thrusting and she can go as hard or as fast as she wants. This is a good position if the woman is shy about being on top because she can stay relatively close to your body and your eyes, meaning you're not able to just watch her as in other 'woman-on-top' positions.

8 - Reverse Saddle - the man is in the same position as above, but the woman straddles him with her back to him. She can use her hands on his knees or the floor to get incredible leverage as she pushes back onto his cock.

9 - Heels over Head - the woman lies on her back and lifts her legs into the air at a ninety degree angle. The man kneels with his knees on either side of her ass, holding her elevated legs against his body. He enters her between her closed legs, which creates an incredibly tight fit and great friction for both parties.

10 - Feet on Shoulders - for the woman who's not quite flexible to manage the previous position, have her lie on her back with her knees bent. She places her feet on the man's shoulders as he kneels on the bed in front of her. He enters her and she uses her feet to press her pelvis upwards as he thrusts into her. This helps her to angle his cock to her g spot and allows both members of the couple to share in the thrusting.

11- Crossed Legs Up - here, the woman crosses her legs at the ankles as she lifts them up. Her feet rest against the man's chest. He gets a super tight entry into her and can rest some of his weight against her feet as he thrusts and grinds. Having so much of her pussy revealed can be quiet a turn on to the woman as well.

12 - Face Up Wheelbarrow - for the woman who has never experienced a g spot orgasm, this one might just do the trick. She lies on her back and he kneels between her legs, holding them and using them to pull her onto his cock. Her ass will likely be up on his lap. The great thing about this position is that if he is strong enough, he can use her legs to pull her against him as he thrusts even harder against her g spot.

13 - Face Down Wheelbarrow - In this position, the woman kneels on the bed as if she were expecting doggy style, only she's at the very edge of the bed. The man then stands between her legs, lifting them and holding them up against his sides as he enters her from behind. This position has the added benefit of the woman being able to push back somewhat as he thrusts into her.

14 - Bronco - the man sits in a chair or on a bench so that the woman can straddle him but still be able to keep her feet on the floor. Then she lowers herself onto his cock and uses the strength of her legs to ride up and down as wildly as she wants. Try reversing the pose as well.

15 - The Chair - The man sits on the edge of the bed or chair, reclining slightly. The woman sits in his lap with her back to him, getting penetrated from behind. She keeps her thighs clenched together and makes slow, grinding motions to create a tight, hot fit for him with lots of friction. This is a great position for the man to give some extra attention to the woman's breasts or clitoris.

16 - Diagonal Ride - the man lies on his back, one knee bent with the foot on the mattress. The woman straddles him sideways by kneeling at an angle so that his bent leg is almost touching her stomach as she rides him up and down. She can get great friction on her clit by grinding against his leg and can also use it for great leverage.

17 - Standing Bend - For an alternate to doggy style that makes the woman feel good and randy, bend her forward over a couch or table in a standing position. Have her spread her legs wide for a sexy vulnerable feeling and to get your balls bouncing up against her sweetest spots. Then, vary it by having her close her legs around your shaft for a nice tight squeeze. If she has good muscles, she can squeeze you even harder. By standing, you get lots of power for thrusting hard and fast.

18 - Standing lift - if you can manage it physically, this is a fabulous position. The man and woman face each other and she lifts one leg. He grabs her leg and uses it to help lift her up. She then wraps her legs around his waist as he penetrates her, holding her up with his hands on her ass. To the woman, the intense pressure of his hands spreading her ass and vaginal lips apart heightens the sensations of his penetrating her. For him, the total power and control of her body is a huge plus.

19 - Diamond Ride - The woman kneels over and straddles the man, facing him as he lies down on his back. (This is the basic 'woman on top' position). But then instead of or in addition to bouncing up and down on him, she grinds her hips in a diamond shape pattern. This gives her entire vaginal canal stimulation and does the same thing to the head and shaft of his penis.

20 - Double Prone Position - starting from the basic 'woman on top' position, the woman slowly stretches her body out along and on top of his while keeping him inside of her. Then she puts her feet on top of his and arches her back, lifting her torso away from his body. She pushes up and down this way, giving both of them some sensational friction and him a wonderful view of her breasts swaying up and down.

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