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The Top 30 Extreme Places To Have Sex At

There is an episode of "The Simpsons'' where Marge and Homer try to spice up their love life by having sex in unlikely places. Marge is turned on by the danger in the possibility of getting caught. They try it in a hot air balloon and the windmill of a miniature golf course, among other places. Just in case you can't fit through the hole of the windmill of your nearest miniature golf courses, we'd like to offer up some options for the most extreme places to have sex as a result of a poll taken on a local university campus:

1) The roof of your neighbor's house. You'll probably have a great view depending on the higher the roof, and its more adventuresome if their home. What to watch out for--peaks and slippery shingles.
2) In the dean's (or your bosses office). This really gives it an element of danger in the possibility of getting caught. A word of caution, the better you know your boss and their schedule, the more fun this can be.
3) A pool table or a casino gaming table. I don't know how they came up with this one but I imagine if one of you works in a bar and is on the closing shift it wouldn't be that hard. As far as the casino gaming table goes...
4) The old stand by and most given answer to the poll, an airplane bathroom. This was probably a lot easier before the terrorist attacks forced security issues which make getting in "the mile high club" a lot harder.
5) Public bathrooms. Choose a cleaner one, and here's a hint. Use the women's. They have more stalls to choose from.
6) Another popular college standby, the deserted football field at night. If you're really into danger, go in the winter before a game is supposed to start and try to be done before they turn on the lights to set up. In the summertime, you'll get a great view of the stars, and that can be a real turn on.
7) The edge of a cliff came up a lot in the poll. Bring a blanket and please don't go after dark or to an area where you're not sure where the footholds are. Sex should be fun.
8) In a cramped closet. You can pretend you're playing "ten minutes in heaven" from your middle school days. If you have a third friend who is willing to play hide and seek with you, they could search the house while you do it!
9) The car can be an extreme place to have sex, sometimes it's a struggle to find just the right position. You can drive around to different places, as well. Be sure not to park in a tow away zone and lose track of time. You can try it on the hood, if the inside is just too close a fit.
10) There's no place like home; your own backyard, to be exact. Public yet secluded.
11) Rent a boat or float down a low class rapids. This is a great way to spend an afternoon of your camping vacation. Secluded canyons offer a great view and all the privacy you could want, with the added little excitement of the possibility of seeing other couples on the river.
12) Rent a hotel room with a high story balcony room. Don't try to sit on the edge of the balcony, but having her bend over the edge is okay. Try out the height before you getting going, safety first.
13) A public camping ground, both inside and outside of the tent. The more secluded, the better, but depending on what part of the country you live in, beware of the wildlife.
14) You've heard about women leaning on the washer during the spin cycle? Well, it really works. The rest is up to you, but try oral sex here. Have her sit on top of the washer while you kneel in front of her. Use several pillows to increase the height if you need to.
15) A motorcycle is another of the top answers. Some prefer to leave the cycle running, but chrome can get hot and burn, so be careful.
16) The back of the movie theater is still one of the best haunts for sex from your high school years. I don't care how old you are, pick a lesser attended movie if you are shy, but sit in the back and finger each other, if nothing else. This can bring back some great memories and create some pleasant new ones.
17) Purchase two Amtrak tickets and go for the night. The little sleeping cubicles are reminiscent of a tent, but are much more comfortable. I've heard it said that the motion of the train is especially stimulating.
18) Visit your lover's parents and do it in their old childhood bedroom, if it's still available. If Mom and Pop have a hot tub and will be out for the evening, so much the better.
19) Most of the women asked said things like "outside in the rain," or "on top of a hill at night." This isn't nearly as exciting as, say, a trampoline, but it's a good note to have. If you know where she's wiling to do it, you're half way there in getting her to. Just thought I'd mention it.
20) Here's an interesting on; in a car during a traffic jam. You're not going anywhere for awhile, anyway. And remember, sex doesn't just mean missionary style intercourse, get creative.
21) Find a creepy, scary place. Lover's lanes are popular, but if you have a local spot where urban legends are said to abound, try parking there and keeping each other occupied so you won't be scared. Many urban legends revolve around two kids parked in a car, scarping on the roof, etc. Let your imagination go and tell some of your local urban legends.
22) Hay barns are popular around this area. If you can find a deserted one, so much the better. If you only think it might be deserted, there's where your excitement of the possibility of being caught (or poked, no pun intended) comes in.
23) In the school yard on a jungle gym at night. They are made from much softer stuff than they used to be. Try going around in one of those tire swings. Don't drink alcohol before trying this one, the spinning motion maybe more than you can handle, and the night could end up bad.
24) Some automatic car washes are twenty four hours. Just a thought.
25) In an air field when it's a full moon. Make sure it really is abandoned, because those planes come in from seemingly out of nowhere.
26) There are movie scenes where the couple does it in an elevator. Take a cue from the movies and try having sex in some of the unlikely places that those writers come up with, and here's a hint--when you push the top button on the elevator, don't make the mistake of pushing all of the buttons as the doors will open on every floor.
27) One young man said ''While scuba diving." I'm not sure if he meant while on vacation or during the actual act of being underwater. I'll leave it up to you to figure it out.
28) Another popular answer was "at an amusement park." Wait until the Ferris ride leaves you stuck at the top, or try the tunnel of love. I personally, house of mirrors.
29) Other people said in the back of a limo, but I think limo drivers kind of expect this, so not so exciting. Another answer was at the drive in movie, but where can you find one of those these days? If you can, it's probably as good as the "in the back of the theater" one.
30) The absolute top answer given by couples who were asked "give me three exciting places to have sex" was "In front of a camera." Home porno movies are fast becoming popular for couples of all ages, so get your self one and get a few shots of you and your lover having sex in extreme places. Have fun and be safe.

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